Shelf Bras

Pleasurements Shelf bra Collection by designers Bordelle, Coco de Mer, Maison Close, Studio PIA, and many others. Discover your favorite shelf bras in black, red, white, or another beautiful color.

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Inspiration Divine Quarter Cup Bra Black
Inspiration Divine Quarter Cup Bra Black

Maison Close

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Shelf bras

Elevate your lovely ladies with shelf bra lingerie by Pleasurements' luxury shelf bra designers, like Maison Close, Bordelle, Coco de Mer, Studio PIA, and many more. Shelf bras are one of our favorite erotic lingerie pieces. 


What is a shelf bra?

With shelf bras, it is all in the name; a shelf bra is like a shelf for your bosom to lift your breast and underline them on the dazzling display of your bra. A shelf bra is also often called a quarter cup bra or 1/4 cup shelf bra. Most of the time, the cups are wired and feature padded or non-padded cups, the quarter size of a regular cup. This creates a flattering lift for your bosom while your nipples are still revealed, as we all love a little open bra temptation of erotic lingerie. Still, there is a lot of variation when it comes to open bras. As mentioned before, the cups of a shelf bra can be padded or non-padded, underwired or non-wired, and there is also the balconette shelf bra. 

Find your fabulous shelf bra lingerie at Pleasurements very easily, thanks to Pleasurements' easy sizing bras. There is no more difficult cup sizing, but X-Small up to XXX-Large bras that cover up to 16 regular cup sizes. Adjustable straps ensure perfect size and fit for every bosom; please inform the size chart to find your easy sizing bra size.


How to wear an open shelf bra?

Shelf bras reveal just enough to flaunt your nipples in a most erotic lingerie look. So, complete your erotic lingerie set by combining your open shelf bra with a panty in the same style, for example, an ouvert or open thong, and of course, a sexy suspender. No doubt, your shelf bra lingerie look will be a lust for the eye. And how to wear it with your outerwear? Well, since your nipples are revealed, it is up to you if you want to give a hint of your bosom underneath a tight-fitted top or choose to leave it up to the imagination with an oversized or wide-fit top. 

Find your new bosom buddy, your luxury shelf bra, from Pleasurements' most tempting selection from only the best erotic lingerie designers.