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Luxury nightwear for optimum glam, to long for, the material of dreams you absolutely want to wrap yourself up in…
With the most beautiful materials such as silk and the most gorgeous lace.
You want to sashay in it and feel it against your bare skin.
Is that not everything you ever want from your favorite luxury nightwear?
Luxury nightwear that makes you shine from the inside and out.
Brands like Marjolaine, Amoralle, Escora and other high-end luxury nightwear brands are the embodiment of exactly thát deliciousness…


Whether it is a sublime luxurious sexy slip dress, a robe, nightdress or a gown that you can wear perfectly as sexy outerwear, Pleasurements has it for you…
And all luxury nightwear from the most masterful brands are selected with love for you.
Are you already familiar with the high-end brands like Marjolaine, Amoralle and Escora?
Tickle those luxury nightwear tastebuds, let yourself be seduced and have a peek at the most sumptuous collection at Pleasurements.

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