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Talking of power women, Polish-born Catherine the Great (1729 –1796) was the longest reigning female empress of Russia...
She overthrew her husband and second cousin and started to become this feistily excellent ruler of Russia between 1762 until 1796.
She made sure that Russia grew larger, that its culture was revitalized, and that it was recognized as one of the great powers of Europe...
Next to being this gloriously original power woman, the czarina had very liberal takes on eroticism, and with that, she of course is a woman after our own heart!
Apparently, she didn't beat about the bush on the subject of sex and enjoyed having it with plenty of, preferable younger, men.
And yes, it is said that these men would get some political and/or financial gain from having sex with this empress!


It's based on an urban legend, but Catherine the Great had this one room completely devoted to eroticism.
A room created for her dates with one of her last 'favorites', 22-year-old Platon Zubov.
Allegedly this erotic cabinet was from floor to ceiling covered in wallpaper depicting highly pornographic scenes,  the doorknob shaped like a phallus and the custom-made furniture was adorned with penises, female genitalia, boobies, carvings of copulation etc.
As said, it is based on an urban legend, but there were photographs found of this lascivious room.
These photographs were made by German soldiers at the palace in St. Petersburg (now known as the Pushkin Palace) in 1941 during WWII. 
These Wehrmacht soldiers may very well have been the last witnesses to see the erotic cabinet before the palaces were bombed and most of their contents was destroyed.

An allegedly original piece of the furniture, a table, was however sold at Sotheby’s in 2017. Was it the legendary table held up by penises, with at the base those ample bosoms?


Images: Pinterest & Pleasurements