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Just a little reminder to stay wild…
Wild in the bedroom, in the boudoir, in the kitchen or any other area of your home.
Even now, or even MORE so now.
Be wild like the sea, rock the boat, don’t hold back.
To express love and to rid yourself of tension and anxiety.
Emily Dickinson loves you to stay wild too.
Stay wild mes chéries, stay wild…

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Do you know the luxury nightwear by Marjolaine already?
That luxury nightwear brand, that exquisitely knows how to mighty majestically render, create, douse and swaddle their items in the most gloriously sumptuous materials like silk and Leavers lace?
You know that that succulently sexy slip dress, those shorts, that teddy or that top by Marjolaine is always made with love?
Well, let’s translate that marvelous material love, into self-love and into love for your partner by wearing anything by Marjolaine, cause we’re all mighty worthy of that luxurious touch.
And besides you, Pleasurements loves Marjolaine too!

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A lot of people are now working from home, during this Corona Lockdown and obeying the Social Distancing rules with people out there as much as possible.
If you so happen to share your home with a significant other, you’re probably mostly around one another for about 24 hours a day, even while working…
Then it’s the end of the day, you’ve worked your perky butts right off and now you bothe need to find some time to switch between work-feels and home-feels, right?
In the past couple of months of the Lockdown you’ve tried all sorts of things to find that moment to unwind together after the day is done.
You probably and hopefully managed to squeeze quite a bit of sexual antics into it too.
After all, that is highly relaxing of course…
What else can be a great unwinder after a hard day at the home-office?
(And yes, the answer can quite often lead to some lovely, quality sexy-time too)

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Still in Yogapants? Still in your old garb, trying to ride out this Corona madness?
Is it putting a smile on your face?
It really is time to Dress up galls!
Put on something sexy, even if it is just for yourselves…
And Of course Pleasurements has got the finest multitude of erotic lingerie and sexy stuff, but also the most stunning, luxurious ready-to-wear items to promote Dressing up to a sublime T.
Love yourself!

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Try & Fit in our Boutique

Onze lingerie kan op maandag t/m vrijdag gedurende openingstijden maar ook op afspraak worden bezocht

House of Pleasurements


Here we are, at home…mainly inside.
We are all self-quarantining because of the Corona virus outthere.
Sometimes you my get a bit bored, that is understandable, but there are actually and still are plenty more things you can do that are totally satisfactory!
A good read, for example, a short erotic story perhaps.
Just give your fantasy the free rein…

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Be that sexy magic, even while self-quarantining these weird Corona days (and nights).
Cover yourself in gorgeous lace, cover yourself with items that can only uplift your spirit.
Don’t dress down gals, dress up and especially now.
Do yourself that greatest favor!
It’s a bit of magic how much impact it will have on your inner and outer sexy-tude and will have you smiling from ear to ear.
Dress yourself up, for example in the lushness of the magnificently magnetical items by Maison Close.
Of course available in the Pleasurements webshop.
If you can’t come to us, we come to you mes cheries.

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Yeah, we know; Staying home as much as we need to right now can have an impact on the way we dress and find that we dress down a lot more…
You might look down now and see those yoga pants, slippers and possibly that comfy oversized top.
But why? Doesn’t it just feel awesomely good to keep dressing yourself up?
And because you’re self-isolating, you can wear all those lush things you might not necessarily wear outside or to the office…
What about that all-new vegan leather lingerie collection by DSTM you just caught a glimpse of in the Pleasurements webshop?
That is just something that could make you feel happily sexy, prancing about the house!
Maybe you wear it under a stunning gown, see-through dress, or that DSTM Lota dress with all that yummy fringe-ness.
Dress up mès chéries!
Don’t dress down…

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Even at times like these, why not just let your mind wander and linger on erotic fantasies?
If you need a little inspiration, here is a sexy poem for ya…
Especially written for this rather special, quite different Easter.
Hope you love it!

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Do you know what?
At times like these, with basically less distractions…well for a lot of us in quarantine anyway…we just might become or are a little more mindfull.
What on earth do you mean?
We just might appreciate things of absolute beauty even more, that’s what I mean!
Like sustainable silk lingerie for example.
We’ve got more time to look at the awesome details that went into those total works of lingerie art…

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Easter is a little different this year, but if you do however like to celebrate Easter with the Easter bunny and eggs and such, Pleasurements can help you in that department too!
Huh? Pleasurements can help us to celebrate Easter?
Yes, we can, cause we managed to get our hands on some Maison Close and Sylvie Monthulé goodies that will entice anyone to have a sexy Easter…

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