Bordelle Kea

Let Bordelle take you away to places far, far away with their extraordinary SS21 collection Kea. Beautiful contour lines of glaciers and waterways translate in a hand-drawn embroidery on see-through tulle and voile, which contrasts amazingly with Bordelle's bondage lingerie aesthetic from satin elastic straps in Kea's three colorways black, navy blue, and brand new lilac. 

Bordelle Kea
Kea Ouvert Suspender Brief Black
€ 352 € 439 Bordelle
Kea Thong Lilac
€ 160 € 199 Bordelle
Kea Strap Thong Lilac
€ 120 € 149 Bordelle
Kea Open Bra Lilac
€ 264 € 329 Bordelle
Kea Soft Cup Bra Black
€ 216 € 269 Bordelle
Kea Strap Thong Navy Blue
€ 120 € 149 Bordelle
Kea Open Back Brief Lilac
€ 176 € 219 Bordelle

Bordelle Kea

It is our pleasure to introduce to you bondage lingerie lovers, Bordelle's latest SS21 collection Kea.

Bordelle shows us that what is dangerous often draws us with its beauty, especially in nature with its vivid colors and deep undiscovered waters. The brand new SS21 bondage lingerie collection Kea is inspired by nature's distant and dangerous places, named after Mauna Kea, one of the world's tallest mountains, an underwater volcano.

The inspirational source of waterways and glaciers translates beautifully in the hand-drawn embroidery in black on sheer tulle, in navy blue on see-through voile, and in lilac on see-through voile. The edges are finished with contrasting stitching in shimmering chrome black, turquoise and gold, and light blue and gold. 

The exquisitely embroidered tulle and voile contrast beautifully with Bordelle's signature satin elastic straps and the wideband satin elastic strapping. The 24k gold plated hardware allows you to adjust your favorite Bordelle Kea items to size to perfection. And with this SS21 collection, Bordelle introduces a new 24k gold plated hardware, the oversized lingerie detail that connects the sexy straps.

Whether you choose the classic black, back-by-popular-demand navy blue, or striking new lilac, Bordelle Kea will be an extraordinary enrichment of your love life and your bondage lingerie ensemble.