Bath & Body

Erotic body care with subtle notes. Discover erotic massage oils, lubricants, massage candles and other rich body care products. Your body is your temple, so indulge it!

Body Scrub
€ 35 210th
Body Cream
€ 35 210th
Shower Cream
€ 30 210th
Massage Oil
€ 30 210th
Body Care Gift Box
€ 109 210th

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Bath & body products are an indulgence for your body. So spoil yourself first with a nice hot bath or shower before slipping into your silk slip dress or exclusive luxury lingerie set.

Awaken the senses by using rich body care products by 210th. Your skin will smell delicious thanks to subtle hibuscus notes and a hint of citrus. Set the mood furthermore with lightening massage candles by 210th or Coco de Mer. While a beautiful scent fills the room you can apply some delicious massage oil on your lover's back and delight him/her with a nice massage. After the senses are awakened your erotic play can start with silky lubricants by either Coco de Mer or 210th. 

Enjoy and enrich your erotic play with erotic body care. We wish you lots of fun and enduring pleasures...