Boudoir Heels

Enrich your exclusive lingerie or designer nightwear look with lavish boudoir slippers or sexy heels. It definitely adds pizzazz to your ensemble.

Glamour Plume Boudoir Heels Nude
€ 159 Jaimies
Glamour Plume Boudoir Heels Pink
€ 159 Jaimies
Glamour Plume Boudoir Heels Ivory
€ 159 Jaimies
Glamour Plume Boudoir Heels Black
€ 159 Jaimies

Boudoir heels & slippers are the ultimate finishing touch to your boudoir look. Whether you're wearing exclusive luxury lingerie or designer nightwear, our selection of boudoir heels ensure a spectaculair bedroom look. One that oozes feminine elegance and decadence. A must-have for all ladies who just absolutely love a picture perfect boudoir look.

For that Hollywood glam, spice up your designer nightwear with the lovely Glamour Plume Boudoir Heels by Jaimies. These satin slippers are enriched with fluffy Ostrich feathers to ensure that vintage Hollywood appearance.

And good news for all stilettos and high heels - lovers. We will soon carry our very favorite high end designer shoe label, Maison Ernest. Their patent leather mules, 12 cm. high stilettos and thigh high boots are to die for. They definitely spice up any exclusive lingerie look. Maison Ernest heels are the perfect finishing touch for your erotic night out.

When will Maison Ernest be available?
The high heels, stilettos and sexy mules by Maison Ernest will be available from January 2019.