Cuffs & Collars

Add a little spice to your exclusive lingerie look and accessorize with Cuffs & Collars. Perfect accessories for not only inside, but also outside the boudoir. Discover our Cuffs & Collars collection by luxury lingerie brands like The Model Traitor, Bordelle, Fraulein Kink and many more...

Merida Bondage Collar Black
€ 109 Bordelle
Merida Strap Collar Burgundy
€ 69 Bordelle
Merida Strap Collar Black
€ 69 Bordelle
Merida Bondage Collar Light Blue
€ 109 Bordelle

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Merida Strap Collar Light Blue
€ 69 Bordelle
Chambre Noire LTD Handcuffs Black & Gold
€ 69 Maison Close

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C'e Due Long Necklace Gold
€ 39 Escora

After one look at our luxury BDSM accessories, you will be in desperate need of a little restraint. Luckily, we have the perfect solutions: cuffs & collars, luxury bondage, exquisite ones, sumptuous, like jewelry, oozing elegance.

We love enhancing your erotic antics, one set of handcuffs at a time! And we only want the very best for you. We want high end, sophistication & sexy class... We want gorgeous eroticism for you, fantastic kink, and all in the most luscious, beautiful way. So don't keep yourself in suspense any longer and submit in the name of love.

Here, we have conjured up some of the most delectable cuffs and collars around by treasured exclusive lingerie designers like Bordelle, The Model Traitor, Fraulein Kink, Edge o' Beyond, Murmur and many more.

Whether you take the lead or hand over to your lovers' obey, we have the perfect pair of wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, collars, and leads. As if you could wish for anything more to enrich your BDSM play. All of our luxurious bondage items are handcrafted from the most opulent materials like leather, 14c gold, patent leather, real pony hair, satin elastic strapping, and 24k gold plated hardware.

We like versatility and love for you making the scene in, but also outside the boudoir with a gloriously glamorous approach. Quite a few items can be detached from any chains and morph into gorgeous bracelets, wristbands, chains, or a collar for above your outerwear too. Are you all magnificently cuffed yet?