Masks & Blindfolds

Masks & blindfolds, a lust for the eyes - A gorgeous leather mask or a beautiful lace blindfold, feast your eyes on our great array of sensationally sensual, luxury blindfolds and masquerade masks. All are made from the finest materials by Fraulein Kink, Murmur, Maison Close, and others. All are pure pleasure for the eye...

Bettina Mask
€ 89
Kitty Leather Mask Black
€ 149 Mariemur
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Leather Blindfold Brown
€ 79
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Le Félin Headband Black
€ 29 Maison Close
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Caviar Leather Gag Black
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Fringe Maid Blindfold
€ 119 Fräulein Kink
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Luxury BDSM masks & blindfolds for when no peaking is allowed

When you like to be delicately veiled in the boudoir and get a thrill from obscured erotic encounters... When you love to get your senses heightened by every unseen touch. We have got the accessories for you! A lace blindfold, maybe made from exquisite laces, or a mask, from the most beautiful leather by exclusive lingerie and erotic accessory designers like Paul Seville, Luna Veneziana, Amoralle, Fraulein Kink, and many others. Cover up your eyes all the way, look through a delicate layer of lace, or keep an eye on your lovers' every move, disguised underneath your luxurious mask. It's is all up to you! 

You can be assured that a mask or lace blindfold from us is carefully picked to cater to your desires & pleasures of being veiled, disguised, or having your sight sensually obscured to tantalize your other senses to the max. Will you choose a see-through lace blindfold, a leather mask, a fringe blindfold, or a Venetian mask? With a mask or blindfold from Pleasurements, you're up for every mood, whether that is an everlasting romance or an erotic BDSM play. 

But our masks and lace blindfolds are not only meant for inside the boudoir... Add a little sexy mystery to any masked ball, or go all out at a deliciously erotic 'eyes wide shut' - masquerade. All our beautiful masks & lace blindfolds are an aesthetic pleasure for the eye or observing eyes. Your eyes may be blinded by one of our luxurious masks or blindfolds, but remember... love isn't blind.