Masks & Blindfolds

A gorgeous leather mask or a beautiful lace blindfold, feast your eyes on our great array of sensationally sensual, luxury blindfolds and masquerade masks. All made from the finest materials by the likes of Paul Seville & Luna Veneziana, all a pure pleasure for the eye...

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Maid Blindfold Black & White
€ 39 Murmur

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When you like to be delicately veiled in the boudoir and get a thrill from obscured erotic encounters... When you love to get your senses heightened by every unseen touch. We've got the accessories for you! A blindfold, maybe made from exquisite lace, or a mask, from the finest leather by exclusive lingerie and erotic accessory designers like Paul Seville, Luna Veneziana, Amoralle, Fraulein Kink and many others. You can be assured that a mask or blindfold from us, is carefully picked to cater to your desires & pleasures of being veiled, disguised or having your sight sensually obscured to tantalize your other senses to the max. Add a little sexy mystery to any masked ball, or go all out at a deliciously erotic 'eyes wide shut' - masquerade. All our beautiful masks & blindfolds are an aesthetic pleasure for the eye, or observing eyes...