Pleasurements Pleasure, a fine collection of luxury erotic toys by designer brands such as LELO, Crave and Coco de Mer. Perfect to reach ultimate pleasure and relaxation. So indulge and enjoy...

Inez in 24K Gold
€ 12000,00 lelo
Vesper Vibrator Necklace 24K Gold
€ 179,00 Crave
Bullet Vibrator 24K Gold
€ 119,00 Crave
Georgiana G-spot Vibrator Brown
€ 169,00 Coco de Mer
Olga in 18C Gold
€ 2790,00 lelo
Emmeline Internal Vibrator Brown
€ 169,00 Coco de Mer
Catherine Pleasure Balls Set Brown
€ 119,00 Coco de Mer

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Yva in Silver
€ 2300,00 lelo
Wink Plus Vibrator Gunmetal
€ 99,00 Crave
Inez In Silver
€ 5900,00 lelo
Bullet Vibrator Duotone
€ 89,00 Crave
Wink Plus Vibrator Rose Gold
€ 99,00 Crave
Vesper Vibrator Necklace Rose Gold
€ 99,00 Crave
Solo Vibrator Black
€ 139,00 Crave

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Duet Vibrator Black
€ 99,00 Crave

Designed both for beauty and function, our Designer Sex Toys define a new class of erotic indulgence. Discover our Instruments of Pleasure, a pleasure for the eye and body and reach ultimate climaxes. Perfect to elevate your love life or for some serious stress relief.