Whips & Paddles

Heighten your erotic playtime with our classy Whips & Paddles by Fraulein Kink and other luxury designer brands. Our Whips & Paddles are made from the finest, highest quality materials around.

Suede Leather Arabic Whip S
€ 59

Wether you're well advanced in the arts of BDSM, or like to indulge into the occasional spanking session in style, it's advisable to have a whip or/and a paddle available to you when the moment arises, right? Feast your eyes on our beauties, because, let's face it, they are just scrumptious! A jet black lacquer little whip, or a classy kinky red one, our whips & paddles are all luxurious, stylish and can even be called, elegant. Master or mistress, give into your BDSM fantasy with high-end erotic designer accessories by brands like Fraulein Kink. Erotic masterpieces made with the finest materials & designed to please the eye, to please the other & to be pleasured by... Whip or be whipped, spank or be spanked, but always with a bit of sass and lots of class.