Bordelle, aesthetic luxury bondage lingerie from London. Wondering where to shop sexy, yet stylish luxury lingerie? Discover luxurious bondage lingerie by Bordelle. Bordelle’s beautiful signatures are bondage-inspired satin elastic straps, 24k gold plated hardware and easy-sizing lingerie. There is a bondage lingerie look by Bordelle for every occasion. What’s your excuse to strap up…?

Ula Thong Lilac
€ 112 € 139 Bordelle
Adjustable Webbed Thong Caramel
€ 179 Bordelle
Selene Strap Thong Black
€ 149 Bordelle
Bondage Belle Ouvert Brief Caramel
€ 189 Bordelle
Webbed Suspender Caramel
€ 239 Bordelle
Dala Soft Cup Bra Plum
€ 319 Bordelle
Selene Ouvert Brief Black
€ 259 Bordelle
Selene Cupless Body Plum
€ 309 Bordelle
Ula Strap Thong Lilac
€ 120 € 149 Bordelle
Botanica Strap Thong Black
€ 126 € 179 Bordelle
Dala High Waist Brief Black
€ 399 Bordelle

Bordelle lingerie

Meet Alexandra Popa, the brilliant mastermind behind Bordelle. Her collections are characterized by adjustable satin elastic bands, 24K gold plated accents, zipper closings, and so-called 'easy sizing' bras. She founded the provocative, fashionable strappy lingerie brand in the summer of 2007 in her very own London-based atelier, a European lingerie brand. It's the perfect blend of luxury bondage lingerie, erotic lingerie, and lingerie-inspired outerwear featuring luxurious S&M sensuality. Pure lust and true craftsmanship come together in these 'made to be seen' iconic pieces. Discover Bordelle's powerful bondage lingerie signatures all year long and get seduced by their extraordinary exclusive seasonal collections.

Bordelle lingerie is not romantic, like other designer lingerie brands. Bordelle is a niche, an unusual concept in exclusive luxury lingerie, which brings out the strong, domineering, seductive goddess in every woman. Powerful designs featuring bondage-inspired details that result in iconic pieces that will blow your mind. Many pieces can be worn as lingerie-inspired outerwear. For example, most Bordelle bras look spectacular underneath a sheer blouse or a top with a bareback detail, and the elastic straps ensure it’ll be a work of art.

Bordelle's easy sizing bras

'Easy sizing' bras are bras that come in the sizes XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Bras that cover at least 16 different bra sizes, from cup size UK 34A up to UK 32E. Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for your body. And therefore, these strappy lingerie pieces are an indulgence for your bosom. 

Besides us, Bordelle has another huge fan base; stylists and celebrities worldwide have found their way to Bordelle lingerie. It's seen in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and Linda. And celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears & Lady Gaga have all rocked the stage in Bordelle bondage. In her London-based atelier, she designs custom-made showpieces for her celebrity fan base. Bordelle lingerie is addictively beautiful. Once you go, Bordelle, you never go back...

Bordelle lingerie has grown to one of our bestselling bondage lingerie brands. Each season they know how to stun us with innovative strappy collections. And besides their season's fashion collections, they have a solid Bordelle Signatures collection. Luxury bondage & erotic lingerie collection that can be mixed & matched endlessly. One of their most famous pieces is the Bordelle Girdle Dress. A bodycon-fitted bandage dress that enhances the female silhouette beautifully. Another bestseller is the Webbed Suspender, which is available in four different colors; black, ivory, caramel, and red. And the list of bestsellers goes on and on. So, have a look at all Bordelle Signatures to discover your favorite bondage lingerie looks.

Bordelle signatures

Classic bondage lingerie with timeless designs, available all year long. The Bordelle signatures collection consists of must-have icons in luxury and erotic lingerie. All signatures come in 4 colors; black, burnt red, caramel, and ivory. Besides the perks of mixing and matching the sexy strappy Bordelle signatures, this classic line also allows you to add to your bondage lingerie ensemble over the years. You can start with a Bordelle signature bra and panty, like the Push-up Bra with Harness Thong, and later add the Strap Suspender Belt with the Bondage Webbed Garters or even expand with bondage lingerie accessories like the Art Deco Harness. With Bordelle's signatures, it does not matter which you choose or where you start; we know the choice between all their bondage lingerie beauties is simply too difficult, so collect your very own Bordelle collection with our selection of signatures, available all year long.

Bordelle Merida

The powerful bondage lingerie collection of Bordelle's AW1920. Bordelle Merida is inspired by rousing hot Mexican summer nights and features 3 captivating colors; classic black, beautiful burgundy red, and lavish light blue. Bordelle Merida is erotic, sensual, and yet very comfortable thanks to the combination of sexy straps, oversized 24k gold plated o-rings and ultra-soft stretchy mesh with a see-through effect. Mix & match this vast collection with Bordelle Botanica, featuring the same color strapping, or even pair up Bordelle Merida in black with your black signatures. 

Bordelle Botanica

After Merida came Bordelle Botanica, also part of AW1920. Bordelle Botanica takes you straight to hot Mexican summer paradise, with its beautiful embroidery inspired by flora and cacti. The combination of embroidered recycled tulle with bold bondage lingerie straps adds a more romantic touch to Bordelle Botanica. We love Botanica for its colorful designs, where black blends with blue, green, pink, and white, burgundy red with pink, orange, and white, and light blue with green and white. Bordelle Botanica features vast styling options with luxury lingerie gems and more erotic lingerie must-haves.

Bordelle Kea

Another beautiful bondage lingerie collection that blends bold straps with exquisite embroidery is Bordelle Kea, part of SS21. Bordelle Kea takes you to far places with its inspirational source of glaciers and waterways layered on your skin with see-through tulle from recycled fabric. With SS21, Bordelle introduces a new sort of 24k gold plated hardware to adorn the powerful Bordelle Kea designs as dangerously beautiful. Bordelle Kea is available in 3 colors; classic black, the come-back color of deep navy blue combined with turquoise embroidery, and the striking new lilac color with light blue embroidery. 

Bordelle Rey

Bordelle Rey is a reminder of the best-selling Rene a few collections back, but now as part of SS21 in a new look. Bordelle Rey features 2 sorts of recycled fabrics, smooth stretch jersey, and ultra-soft see-through mesh, which gives a bold and sporty touch to this killer of a bondage lingerie line. Bordelle's new 24k gold plated hardware connects the wideband elastic with Bordelle's satin elastic straps. Choose your favorite color from classic black to come-back navy blue or splendid new lilac and mix & match with Bordelle Kea.