Couture de Nuit

Couture de Nuit is a luxury erotic lingerie brand from Barcelona, Spain. Couture de Nuit solely designs sexy velvet playsuits in one size only. One size fits most thanks to using luxurious elastic velvet straps, which are adjustable with gold or silver-plated elements. Play with the sliders to ensure a perfect fit. And because of the soft touch of velvet, the straps don't cut into your skin, but gently caress it. 

Couture de Nuit strappy playsuits

At Pleasurements, we fell head over heels in love with the strappy lingerie bondage-inspired look and its gold plated hardware. Velvet straps follow the lines of your feminine figure in the most sensual flattering way possible. Pursue pleasure and let your lover discover this seductive play of straps.

Is a playsuit an accessory or lingerie?

At Couture de Nuit, they insist that their playsuits are a creation of beauty, both to empower and liberate women.

Couture the Nuit doesn't update the collection seasonally. This because they believe in their strong designs. They prefer to ensure high quality, uniqueness, and elegance above all, so they only present certain playsuits of which they are certain they will flatter the female body perfectly. 

Is a Couture de Nuit Playsuit only wearable as luxury erotic lingerie? 

No, a playsuit by couture de Nuit can also be worn as an accessory above your luxury lingerie or as a harness combined with your outerwear. 

Another plus about these velvet playsuits is that they are the perfect gift to give or to get. This because a playsuit is a perfect accessory to wear during a passionate night with your beloved. Provocative on its own and very sexy, combined with your luxury lingerie. So, in the end, both you and your lover will enjoy a Couture de Nuit Playsuit. It's the perfect indulgence for your love life.

At Pleasurements, we're very happy with this new bondage-inspired luxury erotic lingerie brand. We love the versatility of the Couture de Nuit playsuits and the use of velvet. It gives each playsuit a luxurious appeal and makes each of them unique. Showstoppers designed to be shown off...