Edge O' Beyond

Edge O' Beyond lingerie is a London based designer lingerie brand. The founder and mastermind behind these unique designs is Naomi, who founded EOB in 2013. With a Mauritian mother and an English father, the manufacturing takes place in both Mauritius and the U.K., which weaves a personal thread throughout this designer brand DNA. But the family story continues... as all collections are named after Naomi's family members.

One of Pleasurement's flourishing luxury lingerie brands is Edge O' Beyond, a unique combination between lingerie and jewelry.

Each garment is made by hand, and high quality is priority number one, because like they say: Temptation in details. Fall in love with high-end luxury lingerie crafted from the finest fabrics such as French Leavers lace and bespoke designed embroidery. 

You'll see the love that has been put into each luxury lingerie design. So has each Edge O' Beyond showpiece 24K gold plated rings attached to it. You might wonder why Edge 'O Beyond has golden o-rings attached to its lingerie? This allows you to attach beautiful handcrafted jewelry. This stunning signature enhances the 'O' in Edge O' Beyond.

Edge 'O Beyond wants to give all women the possibility to shine. So they use the use of "easy sizing," which covers 22 different bra sizes from 30 to 36 and cup sizes A to E. This sizing method ensures a perfect fit for every feminine figure. 

Besides their luxury lingerie, Edge O' Beyond is also renowned for its body jewelry. Each jewelry is an enhancement to your Edge O' Beyond lingerie. Effortlessly you transform your romantic luxury lingerie to edgy showstoppers. For the ones who adore luxury, Edge O' Beyond carries 18K gold plated body jewelry. As mentioned before, Edge O' Beyond values high quality.

Get in the mood with Edge O' Beyond lingerie. Edge O' Beyond is an enrichment for your love life. With their sensational luxury lingerie and body jewelry, they know how to dazzle.

Tantalize and tease in this season Kathryn, Yelena, or Charlotte lingerie, available at Pleasurements.