Impudique by Catanzaro

Does the name Impudique Catanzaro sound familiar? Your immediate thought is probably sexy erotic clothing. But Impudique’s luxury lingerie is so much more… Exclusive lingerie by Impudique by Catanzaro, created by Charlotte Catanzaro, features sexy designs with luscious lace lingerie, strappy lingerie, and touches of mesh see-through lingerie and clothing.

Impudique by Catanzaro a new vision on erotic clothing & sexy clubwear 

The name Impudique by Catanzaro can sound familiar to those who already started a love affair with sexy erotic clothing.

Impudique by Catanzaro is an exclusive luxury lingerie and erotic clothing brand by none other than the daughter of Patrice Catanzaro, a well-established name in sexy clubwear. After learning all the fine trades of the business, it was time for Charlotte to spread her wings. Impudique highlights both the difference and the similarities between father and daughter and shows a seamless transition between the past and future where father answers to the desires of fetish & sexy clubwear, daughter answers to the wishes of exclusive luxury lingerie & sexy erotic clothing, both with the famous Catanzaro signature. 

What's the main difference between Impudique and Patrice Catanzaro?

Well, both brands can be worn for an erotic party. The difference lies more in the use of materials and elegant, feminine designs versus sexy fetish designs. Impudique uses more delicate fabrics like sheer mesh, gorgeous embroidery, and beautiful lace for a luxurious look & feel and is best suitable for exclusive erotic parties. Patrice Catanzaro, on the other hand, uses bold fabrics like vinyl, PVC, and stretch lace for a very sexy clubwear look and is often seen at fetish parties. So both Catanzaro brands will help you find the proper outfit for your erotic party.

And of course, Impudique isn't just suitable for erotic parties. Her exclusive luxury lingerie and sexy erotic clothing designs can also be worn in the bedroom for a hot & steamy night with your beloved.

Impudique by Catanzaro offers a wide range of sexy see-through dresses, sensuous bustiers, and sexy luxury lingerie. Eroticism and femininity ooze from each design — a true homage to womanhood and all her sensuality. So indulge your love life with Impudique by Catanzaro and enjoy the incredible feeling of sexy erotic clothing and exclusive luxury lingerie, you'll be in for an unforgettable experience.

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