Discover luxury lingerie, designer nightwear, and erotic clothing by Ludique. Ludique comes from the Latin word 'Ludus', which stands for the duality of the feminine spirit, both seductive and playful.

Infinity Latex Catsuit Black
€ 189 Ludique
Lustful Suspender Black
€ 159 Ludique
Infinity Short Black
€ 119 Ludique
Lilitus High Waist Brief Black
€ 159 Ludique
Lustful Thong Black
€ 139 Ludique
Infinity See Through Catsuit Black
€ 179 Ludique
Spectre Long Robe Black
€ 379 Ludique
Lustful Latex Stockings Black
€ 79 Ludique
Lustful Thong Red
€ 139 Ludique
Lilitus Short Robe Red
€ 349 Ludique
Lilitus Short Robe
€ 349 Ludique
Infinity Top Black
€ 149 Ludique
Lilitus Bralette Black
€ 179 Ludique
Lilitus Mini See Through Dress
€ 229 Ludique
Infinity Maxi Slip Dress Black
€ 339 Ludique
Infinity Maxi Skirt Black
€ 269 Ludique

Ludique luxury designer lingerie from Romania

Ludique derives from the Latin word 'Ludus' which means the duality of the feminine spirit, both seductive and playful. This is clearly recognizable in the strong and unique designs of designer and developer Ruxandra Gheorghe. She managed to create an entirely new style in luxury lingerie, supporting women to reveal their real nature.

Designer lingerie with a provocative twist to it. Ludique lingerie is bold, fashionable, and very sexy. Gorgeous graphic cuts, delicate materials, and a pleasurable mixture of functionality and eroticism. Ludique's luxury lingerie is handcrafted with only high-end quality materials satin, elastic strapping, gold plated hardware, and pearls sewed by hand.

The cutting-edge designs are inspired by art and mythology. Do you also want to be inspired? Discover Ludique luxury designer lingerie as a part of your outerwear to be daringly unconventional. 

Looking for extraordinary sensuality, Ludique is the perfect pick. Refined erotic lingerie that embodies the female body in a graceful manner.

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