If you adore wearing lingerie as outerwear just as much as we do at Pleasurements, you are going to love the designer brand Murmur.

Why should lingerie be the only clothing to complement the erotic art? Why not womenswear itself? This is the burning question Andreea Badala already had during her college years at the London College of Fashion. Answering this question she started her own label in 2011, Murmur. After working for designers like Alexander McQueen, Richard Nicholl and many more, Andreea Badala from Romania became the genius creator behind lingerie inspired fashion. 

How to wear lingerie inspired fashion? Murmur creates fashion for day- and nighttime for women. Modern, strong-minded women who are not afraid to show their femininity and love to wear sensual, seductive high end fashion and designer lingerie or lingerie inspired outerwear. Pair up a Murmur showpiece with you luxury lingerie or aim for some serious provocation with nothing underneath. No matter how you wear Murmur, all eyes will be on you and they will be stunned by your amazing appearance. 

Behind every single Murmur creation stands incredible technique like hand crafted bra cups, strapping and complex detailing. Thanks to a great eye for detail every Murmur dress, skirt, trousers or body oozes Hollywood glam all over it, while erotic roleplay accessories add an overdose of daring provocation. So pair up your Murmur favorites for a truly femme fatale lingerie inspired fashion statement, for both in- and outside the boudoir. 

Follow A-list celebrities such as Madonna, Gigi Hadid, Kristen Stewart, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Kelly Jenner. Flaunt your femininity in a daring yet fashionable way with ready to wear by Murmur. 

Here at Pleasurements we are proud to sell the unique Murmur fashion collection once again. Discover timless classics with an erotic edge and indulge with their latest Murmur Private Playground collection now. 

Escapade Top Ivory
€ 199 Murmur
Escapade Top Black
€ 199 Murmur
Prison Collar Black
€ 79 Murmur
Maid Blindfold Black & White
€ 39 Murmur
Maid Garters Black & White
€ 49 Murmur
Maid Collar Black & White
€ 79 Murmur
Snap Long Dress Black
€ 489 Murmur
Shade Dress Black
€ 179 Murmur
Shade Long Dress Black
€ 259 Murmur
Snap Trousers Black
€ 429 Murmur
Snap Skirt Black
€ 349 Murmur
Zest Dress Black
€ 639 Murmur
Profane Skirt Black
€ 229 Murmur
Pulp Dress Red
€ 569 Murmur
Bare Sheer Blouse Black
€ 89 Murmur
Bare Sheer Dress Long Black
€ 279 Murmur
Bare Sheer Dress Black
€ 189 Murmur
Bare Sheer Bodysuit Black
€ 99 Murmur
Prison Skirt Black
€ 249 Murmur
Prison Gloves Black
€ 89 Murmur