Erotic Lingerie

Shop the world's most beautiful erotic lingerie by top designers such as Bordelle, Coco de Mer, Studio PIA, Maison Close, and Pleasurements. Our erotic lingerie collections are ethical and made of the finest materials in small ateliers in Europe. Enjoy the beautiful refinement in erotic lingerie, from her sweet tenderness to her irresistible torture...

Erotic Lingerie
Selene Ouvert Brief Black
€ 259 Bordelle
Selene Strap Thong Black
€ 149 Bordelle
Bondage Webbed Garters Plum
€ 139 Bordelle
Kara Fullbody Harness Black
€ 529 Mariemur

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Selene Suspender Harness Light Blue
€ 549 Bordelle
Selene Suspender Light Blue
€ 349 Bordelle
Selene Bondage Harness Black
€ 509 Bordelle
Selene Cupless Body Plum
€ 309 Bordelle
Infinity Latex Catsuit Black
€ 189 Ludique
Lustful Suspender Red
€ 159 Ludique

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Lustful Thong Red
€ 139 Ludique

Where can I find the best erotic lingerie?

Pleasurements is a source of inspiration for women, who can enjoy themselves and surrender to the beauty of erotic lingerie. For those who prefer luxury, erotic, and style. 

Pleasurements' erotic lingerie collection is selected passionately and with the utmost care by founder and owner Rebecca. She is always searching globally for the most spectacular and magnificent erotic lingerie designs of top designer brands, like Bordelle, Coco de MerMaison Close, Fraulein Kink, Loveday London, Studio PIA, and The Model Traitor.

What is erotic lingerie?

Erotic lingerie is provocative, naughty, sexy, and classy. Most erotic lingerie designs are characterized by open or cupless lingerie, like open bras, shelf brasouvertscrotchless lingerie, or uncensored lingerie. Every woman should feel more confident and beautiful by wearing sexy erotic lingerie, like see-through lingerie, showing just a little more skin than regular underwear.
Another signature that characterizes erotic lingerie is satin elastic straps, which are also called strappy lingerie or bondage lingerie. How provocative, seductive, or daring, Pleasurements only selects luxury erotic lingerie by the most exclusive designers with the most extraordinary renewing designs. 

The quality of each erotic lingerie collection must be sublime, and the designs gorgeous, unique, and flattering to the most beautiful parts of the female body. From cupless bras, shelf bras, quarter cup bras, crotchless bottoms, sexy ouverts, open thongs, strappy harnesses, erotic body jewelry to seductive open bras, we have it all! So feast your eyes on our exclusively selected collections of:

Erotic Clothing

Why only wear erotic lingerie when you can ooze eroticism with erotic clothes. Erotic clothing is the perfect dress code for a hot club night, erotic party, or very private pleasures. Pleasurements' super sexy erotic clothing collection includes bondage, see-through, and kinky or fetish wear, so there is a favorite look for all erotic clothing lovers. Will you fall for the iconic bandage dress by Bordelle or a vinyl catsuit by Patrice Catanzaro? Arouse in and beyond the boudoir with erotic clothing from Pleasurements.

Erotic Dresses

Dress to impress and elevate your erotics side with an erotic dress. To quote Edith Head, "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it," so pursue your pleasure with a sexy erotic dress in bondage style, see-through, lace, fetish vinyl, or kinky wet look. Erotic dressing for an erotic party, maybe to spice up your night out or to give an even hotter ending to your date night. Find your favorite erotic dress in our irresistibly sexy yet exclusive selection of Pleasurements' erotic dresses.

Erotic Bras

An erotic bra puts your erotic lingerie look on top! So, elevate your eroticism and your lovely ladies with a quarter cup bra, shelf bra, or open bra. At Pleasurements' we love to show a little more of your beautiful bosom, and what better way to do that than with erotic bras. An erotic bra can be a completely open bra, but also a quarter cup or peephole bra. The best erotic bra adorns your breasts in the most flattering way, like the perfect framing around a work of art. Fall in love with your new bosom buddy and provoke with enticing erotic bras.

Erotic Panties

If you long for eroticism from top to bottom, Pleasurements' erotic panties are your best bottom buddies. The perfect erotic panty is an ouvert; whether it is erotic underwear with an open back or maybe a crotchless or open thong, we love a little provocation of flaunting your best assets. Thanks to our wide collection of sexy erotic panties, you can choose from completely open to a little naughty peephole. So let's have some bum fun in your favorite erotic panty pleasure.

Erotic Gifts

Discover the pleasure of giving with Pleasurements' selection of erotic gifts for her. Lingerie is always a good idea, but with an erotic gift for women, you'll really set the tone for a rousing hot birthday, anniversary, Valentines', Christmas, or any other occasion that can use some extra sexiness. Erotic gifts include all, from erotic lingerie to erotic clothing or pleasures like bondage, erotic accessories, lotions & potions, and instruments of pleasure. Find the perfect erotic gift for your beloved at Pleasurements.

All your erotic lingerie purchases at Pleasurements will be discretely shipped with a personal note by our founder and owner, Rebecca herself, or a sweet message by yourself. Therefore the perfect gift to give or to get.