Erotic Lingerie

Shop world's finest and most luxurious erotic lingerie & accessories by designers such as Bordelle, Loveday London, Studio PIA, Maison Close, The Model Traitor and many others here at Pleasurements. Discover the sensual sensation of cupless bras, sexy ouverts, open bras, and crotchless bottoms. Your love life will be set ablaze!

Erotic Lingerie
Sisi Open Bra Platinum
€ 379,00 Bordelle
Sisi Ouvert Brief Platinum
€ 199,00 Bordelle
Sisi Adjustable Ouvert Brief Platinum
€ 159,00 Bordelle
Techniques of Love Waistline Black
€ 109,00 Tisja Damen

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Sisi Ouvert Brief Black
€ 199,00 Bordelle
Sisi Open Bra Black
€ 379,00 Bordelle
Plain Leather Nipplets Pink
€ 89,00 Bordelle
Sisi Adjustable Ouvert Brief Black
€ 159,00 Bordelle
Asobi Harness Pink
€ 249,00 Bordelle

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Art Deco Ouvert Strap Brief Pink
€ 129,00 Bordelle

Pleasurements is the source of inspiration for women, who can enjoy themselves and surrender to the beauty of erotic lingerie. For them who prefer luxury and style. And aren't afraid to experiment a little.

The erotic lingerie collection of Pleasurements is selected with passion and with the utmost care by owner Rebecca. She is always searching for the most spectacular and magnificent erotic lingerie designs of top designer brands, like Bordelle, Loveday London, Fraulein Kink, Maison Close, Studio PIA, and The Model Traitor. The quality of each erotic lingerie collection must be sublime, and the designs gorgeous, unique and flattering to the most beautiful parts of the female body. From cupless bras, shelf bras, quarter cup bras, crotchless bottoms, sexy ouverts, open thongs to seductive open bras, we have it all!

All your erotic lingerie purchases at Pleasurements will be discretely shipped with a personal note by owner Rebecca herself or a sweet message by yourself. Therefore the perfect gift to give or to get.