Expensive Lingerie

Discover expensive lingerie from top designers such as Bordelle, Tisja Damen, Studio Pia, Cadolle, Coco de Mer from our private label, at Pleasurements. (Hand) made sexy expensive lingerie from the most refined materials such as Chantilly lace, 100% silk, 24k gold, and other precious materials.

Expensive Lingerie

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Kew High Waist Brief Black
€ 224 € 319 Bordelle

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Open Back Top Black
€ 266 € 379 Bordelle

What is expensive lingerie?

Expensive lingerie is sustainable, but therefore also expensive due to the long and complicated production time and the use of luxurious, expensive materials.

Why is luxury lingerie so expensive?

Production takes place in Europe, instead of, for example, China, and under good working conditions and at high hourly rates. The materials also come from Europe, and the likes of France are popular because of its Chantilly lace from Calais. But our sexy expensive lingerie can also be made from French Leavers lace, floral Swiss embroidered tulle, Italian sheer mesh, pure silk, or even special organic peace silk from India. 

Expensive lingerie brands who are more than worthy of your investment are top designers like Bordelle, Studio PIA, Cadolle, Coco de Mer, DSTM, Amoralle, and, of course, Pleasurements Private collection. Sexy expensive lingerie from high-end designers like this will make you feel so much more sexy, powerful, and seductive.

A new bra takes about a year to make, from idea to end-product. Prototypes, patterns, and samples have to be made after the initial design process. This is often revised several times, at multiple locations and by various professionals, until the product is 100% flawless and fits perfectly. A bra consists of many parts and requires accuracy. A bra can’t be assembled together in one go; this is split up into several stages and divided over various machines. And, depending on the design, part of the lingerie has to be edited by hand.

Of course, expensive lingerie is way too precious only to wear underneath your clothes, so get inspired on how to wear lingerie as outerwear

In other words, the production of expensive lingerie is a time-consuming and costly process, but the beautiful, luxurious end result is more than worth the expensive price...