Extreme lingerie

Looking for extreme lingerie? Pleasurements is the erotic lingerie boutique to shop the most sexy extreme lingerie. Discover extreme lingerie from bondage-style to leather-look from top designers like Bordelle, The Model Traitor, Fräulein Kink, and many others.

Extreme lingerie
Tapage Nocturne Ouvert Body Red
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Turn up temptation with extreme lingerie from Pleasurements. Erotic lingerie that ensures extreme sexiness, seduction, and sensuality as our extreme lingerie is made to bring out the powerful, confidant femme fatale in every woman. 

What is extreme lingerie?

Of course, the word extreme can have a very different meaning for everybody. At Pleasurements, you'll find extreme lingerie that is bold, provocative, and with daring designs from only the best designers like Bordelle, The Model Traitor, Fräulein Kink, and many others. Extreme sexy lingerie with bondage-inspired designs, luscious leather-look, or naughty openings like cupless lingerie and ouverts.

  • What can be better than strappy lingerie? Right, extreme bondage lingerie. Bind your beautiful body in bondage straps crafted from satin elastic strapping with 24k gold plated adjusters and reveal your best assets as you frame them as a piece of art worth adoring. 
  • Extreme cupless lingerie may cover all of your body, except your lovely ladies. Reveal that beautiful bosom in cupless bras, bodysuits, or playsuits.
  • And to match your top, pair up with extreme crotchless lingerie, from thongs to briefs and ouverts with an open crotch or an openable crotch bodysuit. 
  • Extreme see through lingerie may not seem that extreme at first sight, but when you dress up in your sheer sexiness, you'll discover the extremes of showing all beneath see through mesh, tulle, or lace lingerie.
  • Another showstopper that calls to all kinky kittens and fetish favorites is extreme leather lingerie. No matter if you go for faux leather, patent leather, or lambskin leather, you'll look extremely devourable. 
  • Extreme uncensored lingerie shows off all you long to see, admire and desire because it leaves little to the imagination, perfect for the exhibitionist. 
  • And last but not least, extreme kinky lingerie, characterized by leather look, PVC, vinyl, or Wetlook for an extremely kinky look.  

And at Pleasurements, we understand that extreme lingerie should be sustainable and viable. That's why founder and owner Rebecca carefully selects only the best erotic lingerie designers that produce with fair production processes within Europe to guarantee your extreme lingerie's highest standards and quality. Extreme lingerie is meant for special occasions like a rousing hot date night with your beloved or maybe a very private party. No matter the reason, you will be sure to find the most extreme lingerie set of your liking at Pleasurements that will make you feel extremely sexy.

Every sexy extreme lingerie set bought at Pleasurements is beautifully gift-wrapped in a luxury gift box but delivered discreetly, as an extreme lingerie lover longs for.