French lingerie

Oui, oui, mon cherries, erotic French lingerie from top designers like Maison Close, Marjolaine, Cadolle, Sylvie Monthulé, and many more. Pleasurements indulges you with all the très chique French lingerie you can wish for, from Paris with love.

French lingerie
Blue Angel Asymmetric Body Metallic Blue
€ 149 Maison Close

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Inspiration Divine Quarter Cup Bra Black
€ 54 € 89 Maison Close
Inspiration Divine High Waist Brief Black
€ 54 € 89 Maison Close

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French lingerie

If we go back to the history and beginning of luxury lingerie, we end up in beautiful France. The French have always been known for their exquisite French lingerie, and Pleasurements' high-end designers prove that French lingerie is still très chique. One of our favorite French lingerie designers is; Maison Close, Cadolle, Marjolaine, and Sylvie Monthulé. If you think of French lingerie, you think of boudoir, luxury, romance, and, also, eroticism. So discover Pleasurements' erotic French lingerie.

What is erotic French lingerie?

Erotic lingerie from France includes French lingerie designers, fabrics, and materials from France, and a production process in ateliers in France. French lingerie also stands for high-end quality, which designer brands ensure with a production process in Europe, France. From designing to ensembling and creating the most luxury lingerie pieces by hand in their ateliers. The handcraftsmanship results in a very costly process and in sustainable, ethical lingerie that will last a love life to enjoy to the fullest. That's why expensive lingerie from France is 100% worth the investment.

France is best known for its famous lace lingerie from luxury laces like Calais lace, Chantilly lace, or French leavers lace. And for their silk lingerie and nightwear, that feels oh so smooth around your body. Erotic French lingerie is an ode to femininity and flatters all the beauty of the female figure. For example, Cadolle, with its modern erotic take on classic retro lingerie like the quarter cup bra and corset-like high waist brief, or Maison Close's erotic lingerie with ouverts and cupless designs that take your breath away. Or Marjolaine and her romance oozing nightwear that embraces your slumbering sensuality. 

French lingerie is one of the greatest luxury lingerie pleasures every, so oui, oui, mon cherries, indulge your amour with erotic French lingerie.