Lingerie as outerwear

Pleasurements is all about showing off your lingerie. We have made a beautiful selection for you of lingerie that can be perfectly worn as part of your outerwear outfit. Harnesses and bras with spectacular details, suspenders that can be transformed into waistbelts,  and so much more.

Lingerie as outerwear
Minerva Longline Bodice Bra Black
€ 509 Bordelle
Botanica Bodice Bra Black
€ 429 Bordelle
Merida Bustier Burgundy
€ 549 Bordelle
Botanica Balconette Bra Black
€ 389 Bordelle

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Spirit Longline Bralette Burgundy
€ 149 Tisja Damen
Angel or Siren Longline Bra Black
€ 219 Tisja Damen
Merida Wrap Wired Bra Burgundy
€ 299 Bordelle
Techniques of Love Waistline Black
€ 109 Tisja Damen
Merida Halter Bra Burgundy
€ 229 Bordelle

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Merida Bodice Bra Burgundy
€ 449 Bordelle

What is lingerie as outerwear?

When your lingerie is as beautiful, sexy, and luxurious as you find at Pleasurements, you don't want to hide it underneath your clothes; you want to flaunt it. And what better way to show off your luxury lingerie then by combining it with your outerwear or wearing your lingerie as outerwear. Showing a hint of your Pleasurements lingerie gives your daily outfit a very sexy twist that will make your spectators stare. Furthermore, lingerie as outerwear is very stylish, not only sexy, and gives women a powerful, strong feeling.

By now, we must have convinced you to wear your lingerie as outerwear, but... 

How to wear Pleasurements lingerie?

Well, when it comes to lingerie styling tips, the possibilities are endless. Our favorites are wearing a bra with a beautiful neckline or collar detail underneath a deep v-neck top, or one of Bordelle's iconic 24k gold plated zipper closing bras underneath an open back top. You can also go for a see-through blouse that shows all the beauty of your bra or choose a loose blazer with nothing but your longline bra underneath. Designer lingerie brands like Bordelle and Tisja Damen are perfectly suited for suiting up your lingerie as outerwear. But there are more options than bras, for example, wearing a long silk slip dress as a Hollywood-style red carpet look or combining one of Fraulein Kink's kinky harnesses over or under a top. 

Hopefully, we've been able to inspire you in the ways how to wear lingerie as outerwear. For more inspiration, you can always check out our Instagram or come by in our boutique to see how our lovely Pleasurements ladies are combining their lingerie with their outerwear.