Gorgeous lingerie garters, there is a set for every flavor in our sexy garter collection from exclusive lingerie & lingerie accessory brands like Bordelle, Murmur, Fraulein Kink. Maybe you love a beautiful, but edgy strappy set of garters? Or were you maybe looking for a divine bridal garter? Go ahead and feast your eyes...

Bondage Webbed Garters Lilac
€ 129 Bordelle
Bondage Webbed Garters Burgundy
€ 129 Bordelle
Bondage Webbed Garters Caramel
€ 129 Bordelle

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Bondage Webbed Garters Red
€ 129 Bordelle
Bondage Webbed Garters Black
€ 129 Bordelle
Bondage Webbed Garters Ivory
€ 129 Bordelle
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Gear up with lingerie garters!

A set of glamorous garters, it adds a little sexy edge to your exclusive lingerie, don't you think? A little highlight, a sumptuous accessory, and of course, gorgeously practical in holding up your fabulicious hosiery. And... nothing sexier than a sensual sneak peek of your garters underneath a dress or skirt as a hint of your erotic lingerie look you are wearing underneath.

As always, we love picking only the very best for you, and our selection exists of the prettiest, sexiest, strappiest garters from the likes of exclusive lingerie & lingerie accessory brands like Bordelle, Murmur, Fraulein Kink, Tisja Damen, and many more... 

Lingerie garter sizing

All of our garters come in one size only, but don't be alarmed because all garters feature fully adjustable straps to make sure they'll fit around every sexy leg. 

What are lingerie garters? And what differences are there?

Discover our gorgeous garters made from the most luxurious materials like; satin elastic straps, patent leather, and 24k gold plated hardware. Luxury edges, for your glorious, gorgeous thighs, garters, a finishing touch, a spoiletry for the boudoir, but a garter from our collection loves to be flaunted with your outerwear too... We're aware it's going to be hard to pick just one set of lingerie garters, and maybe you just need a garter for every day of the week, right? Or just maybe you'll need a set of garters to go with each ravishing luxury lingerie ensemble you have...and also for the ones you will have? 

How to wear garter lingerie?

As you might know, lingerie garters belong around your upper legs, but then? To suspend your leg garters, you'll need garter suspenders or garter belts. Suspenders and garter belts have at least two or more sexy straps with special fastenings for your stockings or... your garters. Attach each strap to your leg garter to hold it up and make sure it stays in the right place, your tantalizing thighs. You can choose a garter belt that matches from the same collection, or you can pair up your leg garters with suspenders from different collections, even other brands.