Please the loveliest mothers with Pleasurements' Mothers Day Pleasures, a carefully selected collection of instruments of pleasure, lotions & potions, and all other things to enrich both self-love and partner play.

Inez in 24K Gold
€ 12000 lelo
Lora di Carlo Onda Massager
€ 199
Slow *** Finger Play Gel
€ 19
Lora di Carlo Filare Stimulator
€ 169
High on Love Couples Lip Gloss
€ 29
La Gemmes Butt Plug Amethyst
€ 49
High on Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint
€ 49

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Lora di Carlo Carezza Massager
€ 159
Slow *** Anal Play Gel
€ 19
Olga in 18C Gold
€ 2790 lelo
La Gemmes Vibrator Amethyst
€ 49
La Gemmes G Curve Amethyst
€ 149

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La Gemmes Wand Amethyst
€ 129

The most intimate Mothers Day Pleasures

Pleasurements is here to spice up the Mothers Day of all mothers who are also friends, lovers, wives, and, above all, beautiful women who deserve to be spoiled with Mothers Day Pleasures. And what are those pleasures, you might wonder? Well, everything to please her on that special day that is all about her, from instruments of pleasure to lotions & potions and from erotic jewelry to luxury bondage, all for self-love and partner play to ensure a most naughty erotic Mothers Day in luxury. 

To make the most pleasing Mothers Day Pleasures gifts a pleasure to unwrap as well as to use, we make sure to wrap all pleasures in our luxury gift box, which is discreetly delivered to ensure that your gift will remain a sexy secret until the moment she unwraps her pleasures on Mothers Day at the 9th of March.

And to spoil her even more, add luxury Mothers Day lingerie or Mothers Day Loungerie as extra gifts. With Pleasurements, you'll be in for a very hot Mothers Day and discover that the Mothers Day Pleasures gift is not just a gift for her, but for you and your love life as well.