Pleasurements classics, best-selling iconic luxury lingerie by your favorite designers such as Bordelle, Tisja Damen, Studio PIA, Maison Close, Bracli, Amoralle, Cadolle, and many others...

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Le Petit Secret - Lace Suspender Belt
€ 59,00 Maison Close
Kyoto Ouvert Body Black
€ 129,00 Bracli

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Vienna Ouvert Body Black
€ 149,00 Bracli

What are Pleasurements classics?
Pleasurements classics are on-going, iconic collections by our best-selling brands. In contrast to our fashion collections, these collections are available throughout the year. 

Some of our brands only carry classics. Brands like Fraulein Kink, Tisja Damen, Maison Close, Bracli, Cadolle, and Patrice Catanzaro can be re-ordered throughout the year.  

Other luxury lingerie & designer nightwear brands offer both iconic collections and fashion collections. Best-selling lingerie brand Bordelle is such a brand. Each season they surprise us with astonishing fashion collections that are highly exclusive. And for those who simply just can’t enough, Bordelle offers their iconic signatures. Exclusive luxury that can be mixed and matched with both signatures and fashion. 

Other brands that work similarly to Bordelle are our favorite designer nightwear brands Amoralle & Marjolaine. Two gorgeous brands that stand for pure luxury with their rich silks and lavish laces. 

Isn’t your favorite classic in stock? No worries, we can notify you as soon as it is restocked. Or contact our customer service for the estimated restock.