Desiring a beautiful kimono, a gorgeous silk robe or an alluring lace one? We've got an exquisite designer nightwear collection by the most ravishing, exclusive lingerie brands like Marjolaine, Amoralle a.o.,waiting here for you at Pleasurements. Which kimono or robe is your very favourite?

Indulging Mini Robe White
€ 219 Amoralle
Delicate Maxi Sheer Robe Black
€ 429 Amoralle
Grand Sheer Robe Black
€ 599 Amoralle
Advisable Lace Robe Black
€ 289 Amoralle

A kimono, a robe, mesmerized, enchanted? We realize it's a lot of beauty to take in! We just love being able to enchant you with a kimono or robe by our very own private Pleasurements label or other exclusive lingerie & designer nightwear labels like Marjolaine, Amoralle... Luxurious, high end designer kimono's and robes, made from the finest, gorgeous materials, that will feel and look like a dream on you. Whether you choose a full silk one or a beautiful see through lace kimono or robe, you'll revel in its gracious, sensual glory. We take selecting the very best and most beautiful exclusive lingerie items for you very serious, the same counts for our sumptuous designer nightwear, including these kimono's and robes. We take such pleasure in this and love indulging ourselves by indulging you...