Fancy a glance at our very sexy, luxurious slip dress & nightgown collection? Let our gorgeous array of slip dresses & nightgowns by exclusive lingerie & designer nightwear brands enchant you. A slip dress or nightgown by Marjolaine, Amoralle or any other of our great exclusive lingerie designers, is made with love...

Oda Slip Dress Antique Pink
€ 104 € 129 Marjolaine
Gemma Slip Dress Dark Blue & Black
€ 369 Marjolaine

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Oda Slip Dress Emerald Green
€ 104 € 129 Marjolaine
Satin Pearl Babydoll Black
€ 99 Bracli

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A sensual, stunning slip dress for the bedroom, or maybe you love wearing one of these beauts with your outerwear? A slip dress or nightgown made from the finest materials, by exquisite exclusive lingerie & nightwear designers like Marjolaine & Amoralle are like a dream... You'll have a cloud nine-feeling, a second skin-feeling even, with just the way a slip dress or nightgown from our collection graces your beautiful body... Silk, delicate lace and sheer sexy tulle will embrace your curves so gorgeously. Intricate lace designs, fabulous colours, they're sexy, erotic, sensual and there's is a slip dress or nightgown for every flavour. Magnificence in every stitch and every fiber for when you love dipping yourself in high end luxury lingerie & nightwear...