Partner Play

Is it playtime yet? Relish in Pleasurements exclusively selected Partner Play pleasure collection of luxury erotics. Enrich your partner play with feather teasers by Fraulein Kink, erotic massage candles, or fun naughty games.

Massage Candle Bewitching
€ 39
Massage Candle Titillating
€ 39
High on Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint
€ 49

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Delicious Brush Lemonade
€ 29
Delicious Brush Cotton Candy
€ 29
Kayla Leather Choker with Leash Black
€ 99 Mariemur
Satyr Cat O'Nine Tails Chocoalate
Not in stock. Notify me

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Satyr Postulant Suede Flogger Chocolate
Not in stock. Notify me

Game night just got a whole new meaning with the Pleasurements Partner Play collection. Play your naughty sexy games with our exclusive collection of luxury erotics. Once you've discovered our partner play collection, you'll long for nothing more than a night in with your beloved. 

What is partner play?

Partner play includes all items for intimate, naughty, sexy playtime with your partner, lover. Entice all five senses with Pleasurements partner play products. Spice up your playtime by taking away your loved one's sight with a beautiful blindfold to heighten all other senses. Once the sense of touch is on sharp, tickle, tease, and taunt with Fraulein Kink's feather teasers featuring luxurious ostrich feathers. Or write a secret love message on your lover's skin with the intimate hide and seek kit by Yes for Lov. If you're in for a more creative mood, paint your beloved's body with Dark Chocolate Body Paint by High on Love. Or lighten up the flame as an erotic massage candle is always the right ingredient for a playful night. 

Hopefully, we've lit a spark of your wildest fantasies to enrich your partner play with Pleasurements luxury erotics to pursue pleasure.