Dark aphrodisiac


You're so dark, just the way I like it. Saliva is filling up my mouth with anticipation. Slowly you move towards me. Just a little flick, a quick lick. Your exterior might be hard just now, but I know what happens as soon as my lips fold themselves around you.

Oh you're so dark, I love you so! I close my eyes and circle you with my tongue. Sweet, smooth, warm now....

You're melting. A scrumptious explosion follows. I roll my eyes back in my head with utter delight. Circling your sweet creamy substance around with my tongue... I moan a little and feel you trickling down my throat... A little of your sweetness got stuck to my fingers. I suck my thumb and index with lusty vigor... I lick my lips.


My fingers move towards a second portion of dark ambrosia... Plenty more will follow tonight.

That box of chocolate bonbons won't survive dawn...


image sources: Pinterest & @juliakuzmenko