It's time to release your inner kitten....

The Dark Knight Rises hits the cinemas worldwide and not Batman but Catwoman, Anna Hathaway, leaves us breathless, excited and begging for more...She looks stunningly sensual, playful and fashionable. She makes every woman want to feel like a seductive, naughty kitten every once in a while. Here at Pleasurements we can make those dreams come true. Let us help you find your inner kitten and create a selection that will guarantee the ultimate Catwoman outfit. What about the seductive see through catsuit by Patrice Catanzaro or the gorgeous sexy leather skinny by Obey my Demand? Pair it with the matching Oleska bra or wear it with a naughty bodysuit. Complete the sexy feline picture with a handmade mask and let the purring begin! The possibilities are endless. Well Catwoman, it's time to release your inner kitten, seduce your Batman....                         
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