Literotica by rebecca: "the dance"

“Just as a one-off, I would love to dance for money, in a club.” Surprised my boyfriend looks up from his book, when right out of the blue I entrust him with my fantasy. He is more puzzled that I tell him this in quite a blunt manner, he is, however, not in the slightest bit surprised that I want this though. Dancing is in my blood and he knows that very well. I enjoy giving him an exclusive little show, but now I want more. He is thinking, I can tell from the look in his eyes he is visualizing it. Then he complies. It will happen this weekend. I choose a club, he will arrange the rest. That Saturday I spent some extra time on getting myself ready. Dark smokey eyes and I accentuated my cheekbones even more than usual. I know he gets off on that look. When I come down the stairs, I find him patiently sitting on our lounge settee. I am already wearing my leather jacket. He won’t see what I am wearing underneath until I get on the stage. Elated he looks at me and nods approvingly. Together we get in the back seat of the taxi. He softly squeezes my hand and looks at me. ‘I love you’, he says without making a sound. I kiss him and whisper ‘me too’ in his ear. Arriving at the club, I head straight for the dressing room while he is being lead to the club floor. I dress up in a very revealing bodysuit with elegant tassels. When I move, they dance beautifully around my breasts and my bum. The matching waistband has the same tassels, with the exception of one side, this way it brilliantly shows off my left bum cheek, hip and long legs. I feel so attractive. While the hostess guides me to the dance floor, I take another sip of champagne. Then I can hear Moby’s "Flower" blasting through the speakers. My tune! Confidently, I make my way to the floor. Spotlights, Showtime! Oh, how I love playing this role. While I strut to the dance floor to the beat of the music, I look around. I notice the eager glances from men and women alike. They are looking at me full of anticipation. I don’t directly walk up to my boyfriend, but I gracefully move passed the audience. I halt in front of one couple. I feel a rapport with them. It’s a pretty couple. Chic. First I look at her and when I see the approval in her eyes, I turn around. I throw my arms in the air and move my body elegantly. Left, right, left, right. I turn my head causing my hair to sway around my face. My round bum moves sensually. While I am dancing, I search for my man’s gaze. He is smiling from ear to ear. I turn around again. The couple is thoroughly enjoying my show. With a wavy motion, I bent through my knees and place my hands on theirs. ‘See you later,’ I softly whisper to them. Then I get up and I proudly make my way to my boyfriend. He already got up from his seat from excitement and with just one hand I push him back in the chair. When the music stops, I can hear the applause in the distance. I am entranced and I don’t take in anything anymore from the outside world. I am alone with my boyfriend. Together we allow ourselves to be consumed by our own game. I take his hand and I lead him to a private area...