Lingerie & louboutin


Louboutin. By far, the most iconic shoe brand in the world. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich. Unmistakable because of the red sole, sexy designs and excellent craftmanship. Christian Louboutin, who describes the shoe as ‘the accelerator for women’, the high heels give women a feeling of balance and imbalance at the same time.

I recognise that feeling. Next to the literal imbalance (the ones with the most inches are as ever the most stunning…), you do venture outside your comfort zone. At the same time you feel strong, as your body posture changes -and with that- your language. A powerful feeling. In a sensual way. Thé finishing touch under my favorite lingerie. This blog is nothing more or less than a mere tribute to Christian Louboutin.

By the way, you can find them in my wardrobe right next to my lingerie. Ready and easy to grab for the weekends…;)