TIP: Maison Flowers

Ah Lovely! A beautiful bouquet of roses. Elegantly displayed on the dresser, in a spot where you can enjoy them perfectly...for 1 week, maybe they will last 2 weeks? It's such a pity that wilt, isn't it? But if you love having them around, as much as we love a beautiful bouquet of roses, then we've got a very rosy tip for you!

Have you ever heard of Maison Flowers?

Maison Flowers uses only the most gorgeous and the very best quality roses for their beautiful rose-boxes. And, yes...they've REAL roses that stay perky and fabulous for at least 1 year called Longlife Roses! It's not magic, it's science...and they are genuinely MAGNIFICENT... And you can just keep them in their fabulously beautiful box, cause that's where they're the very happiest!


Images: Maison Flowers