Oh! shoe me please!


Revolver Requeen Venexia's sexy shoes

Of course, made in Italy!
With an extremely unique design, sexy frills, blissfully rocking tassels, heels like keys, with bondage-chic details…
The delectable lush shoes by Revolver Requeen Venexia are irresistible in all respects, believe me…
I R R E S I S T I B L E !

These heels by Revolver Requeen Venexia have a certain, blissful erotic appearance and are not out of place on the stage of, for example, a Burlesque show, in the boudoir, but also beyond these settings they sensually strut with you.

But be careful; they absolutely demand blissfully, divine attention.

Pleasurements is in love

Pleasurements came across these lust-worthy delectables for the feet and swooned hard…
Aren't these shoes by Revolver Requeen Venexia ideal under all our stunningly beautiful, luxurious, erotic lingerie collections?
Yes, they are the lushest works of art with that bondage-chic, burlesque-like, sexy sublimity that can only make us scream;
Oh! Shoe Me Please!

These shoes, these sexy masterpieces for your feet by Revolver Requeen Venexia are such a lustily, naughty, beautiful dream come true…


Images: Revolver Requeen Venexia