Thank you Lisa Schuil, with pleasure...

Luckily the best stylists of the Netherlands know to find their fashionable way to Pleasurments. Often our range of dazzling designer lingerie, luxury nightwear and wide range of leather harnesses and belts are to be wondered on covers and spreads of the best magazines, such as Vogue, ELLE, LINDA, Talkies, ST Magazine and even Harper's Bazaar, just to name a phew. So hereby a big shoutout to the stylists who are very loyal to Pleasurments: Brigitte Kramer, Jeroen Kamphorst, Roel Schagen, Pedro Dias, Lisa Schuil, Dayenne Bekker, Xaviera Aubri, Maarten Spruyt, Soraya Basiran, Katelijne Verbruggen, Manon de Boer, Maaike Staal, Tricja Styling & Gerline Hornsveld. We're very thankful for these very talented people, who we can truly say are our friends. To inspire us women. How to give our everyday wear an edgy look with beautiful designer lingerie, luxury nightwear, harnesses and belts. As appreciation we want to put our friends in the spotlight. So from now on, we will publish their stunning work on our Pleasurements blog. This time it's Lisa Schuil who deserves to be the centre of attention. Be intrigued by this enchanting fashion editorial for Harper's Bazaar: "The Black Code". Get carried away in forbidden love and passion. A beautiful black and white story which perfectly captured the emotions of a forbidden love.
  • Styling: Lisa Schuil
  • MUA: Juliette den Ouden
  • Photographer: Nicoline Patricia
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