A bit like Marmite; you either love it, hate it.... or you can just learn to eat it.

Vivienne Westwood; The original funky punky designer.

So, why exactly put her in the limelight? Reading about her and finding out everything she stands for politically, environmentally - climatically, fairly in combination with her design-aesthetic is already very fascinating. Mix it all up and stir it well until smooth with designer, Andreas Kronthaler = LOVE. Andreas Kronthaler is not only Vivienne Westwood's partner in the designer bizz, he is also her husband... And together they make sweet music... or uhm fashion with a big heart for the world! That's quite sexy...erotic even, it's love through and through!

First you might think their designs look absolutely bonkers, punk, rough, chaotic even, but there're these wonderful stories behind each piece, a statement. And with quite a few collections you could call it peace-pieces ( check all about #WorkNotCharity).

Also quite fascinating is their love for designing crazy, sexy, erotic accessories. Some of their accessories glorify the penis, which is a recurring symbol in the Vivienne Westwood collections. And recently the catwalk show for their bridal wear A/W 2018 by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, shows off this humorous, but absolutely fab, huge big statement piece; A belt with 3 big pendants on it, a heart, the fig hand sign and....a big (veined) penis. It looks like these symbolize love, a good sexlife and an altogether fruitful marriage. Just like Vivienne & Andreas seem to have.

Anyway, they, their designs, their love for each other and the world, deserves the bright, sexy, limelight!


Images: pinterest, Vivienne Westwood official site

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