Bared to you by Silvia Day

The hype of 50 shades is far from over! The new film has only just been taken into production but the next erotic romance novel trilogy is already in the bookshelves... waiting to be devoured by millions of hungry women - and men. This time it's the Crossfire trilogy by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Sylvia Day. Bared to you is the first novel from this absolutely fabulous trilogy. Get acquainted with Gideon and Eva and let yourself be wiped off your feet. Follow the couple on the path called Love.  And as we all know Love doesn't come easy. The second novel, Reflected in you, takes you further on the rough road that Gideon and Eva are following. Being damaged and headstrong, the question remains: will they overcome all of their issues? The third novel, Entwined with you, is yet to be released. In this sensual saga, we will find out if Eva and Gideon will live happily ever after. I more than loved reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy, but I was overjoyed when reading Bared to you. It's as addictive as reading 50 shades but slightly more erotic than the 50 shades of grey trilogy. I truly hope that this trilogy will also be turned to an amazing film that leaves nothing to the imagination... we can only hope and pray. But in the meantime.... treat yourself to this new trilogy and let yourself be warmed up during those cold winter days....
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