Ever so delighted, I went on my merry way, homeward bound. This has been quite a whirlwind of a day, but a wonderful one at that. I was happily carrying all my bags holding all my goodies… My stunning lingerie, a pair of divine shoes & my gorgeous venetian mask… Oooh yes...the mask! And its maker…Franco…

That’s when my reminiscence took flight. Destination: Cloud Nine… What happened behind those dark golden curtains in ‘Boutique des Masques’ was ...well...utter craftsmanship. Franco really knows his way around a female body, without a manual or any hints. He spoiled me absolutely rotten behind those velvet dark golden curtains! He totally enticed me with his tongue-work, while he kneeled in front of me. His hands and fingers were absolute masters of seduction. Of the luscious hour or so I spent at the boutique, I only used about 10 minutes to choose the most gorgeous mask.

The remaining 50 plus minutes I was sent to heaven at least 3 delightful  times. One of them being a multiple trip to that divine place. Of course Franco wasn’t left behind in this sexual encounter of the first kind. Sometimes moans can sound embarrassing, but his set me off every time again. Our skins were glistening in the end.

We got all cleaned up and had a “quick” shower together in his apartment above the boutique… We couldn’t really tear away from each other. Fingers, lips & a few other body parts kept searching for every detail of our a sexy anatomy.

I eventually got dressed in my new Patrice Catanzaro lingerie and the rest of my clothes. Well okay...I must have been in Franco’s ‘Boutique des masques’ for at least one and a half hours, but who is counting, right?

My hot reminiscence brought me right to my doorstep. And before I entered the apartment-building, I added Franco to my little dusky rose book of delights.

Ooooooh Franco!

With pleasure, Ms. P.

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