...Gio and I had our breakfast a bit later and we tried out one more position. After that I really had to go... Don’t worry, this time I got his full name and number all written down in my little book of delights!

First off today, I need to get home and freshen up, to then go to a meeting at 15. The location where the meeting is being held is a gorgeous mansion owned by the organisation I am a member of. We come up with lavish charitable events, to raise awareness for the chosen charity and help them boost funds and gain members. Today we will be choosing a new charity and brainstorm about another plush & posh themed event.

When I got home, I ran a bath, of course adding some scrumptious bubbles from 210th. Then I kicked off my beautiful chaussures, took off my Amoralle & Marjolaine dresses, rolled down my lovely back seamed stockings and removed my bra and panties from Belle et BonBon. I dipped my toe in the water and it was just perfect. I descended into the bubbly soft mass and utter relaxation crawled up my body, manifested itself by means of goose pimples… Then I dozed off and had this wonderfully naughty dream…

Blindfolded, I was gently lead to the bed, where I was slowly and willingly tied up, while sweet slow & sexy music played…I was naked. I was tickled with a feather in my erogenous regions….my loins, my breasts...my nipples hardened. In my dream I could see warmed honey being drizzled on my body and a moist tongue slowly lapping it up. When the tongue arrived at my labia, I squirmed and aroused little noises escaped from my lips. The tongue lingered there and I was fulfilled with pleasure… My chest heaved up and down, faster and faster, I curved my back up, I sighed a crescendo of moans... I was unable to contain myself any longer and let out a final, lengthy howl….

Then I woke up to find myself amidst that last moan and I could feel a pleasant shiver throughout my body... I looked at my right and noticed I pulled the shower curtain clean of its rail…The curtain itself clutched in my fist…

I just smiled…

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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