...When I got back from the meeting around 18 o’clock, I was famished! Hungry lust had started to devour my insides…

Which basically entails that I’ll need to make arrangements for diner quick.

Luckily Gio had called me and told me he had some cravings too, so we decided to have a picnic together on this rare sultry September night, in the Champ-de-Mars park.

My belly was rumbling like a little maniac by now! So I packed a blanket, went out to get some nice goodies like strawberries and champagne, to then meet Gio in the park.

Not a lot later we settled down in the grass, popped the bottle of champagne and we feasted on the delicacies. We giggled and laughed quite a bit, reminiscing about all the things we done last night and this morning… Then at one point, his hand landed on my black stockinged thigh and he leaned in to kiss me… Such tasty lips and his champagne-cooled tongue was dancing with mine... He rode up my leather skirt quite a bit….but we were in plain view, which meant we needed to find a more secluded spot in the park. It wasn’t long before we spotted a thick leafy bush to hide behind. In a flash we had our stuff all packed and when we didn’t see anyone looking we quickly found our way into the brushy bushes. I threw the blanket back down and we lowered ourselves on top of it while we kissed… By then my skirt was high above my waist and I could hear the poppers of my bodysuit being released, pop, pop, pop! He pulled off my string, exposed my boobies and carressed them with one hand.

The other hand found my nether lips and at least three fingers gingerly dipped in and out of me, while circling my clit with his thumb... In the meantime my hand found its way to his crotch, I could feel the hardness of his throbbing bulge in his jeans… I undone the button and unzipped him and his bulge practically launched itself at me… no underwear...he wasn’t wearing any! I moved my mouth towards it, licked my lips and shaped them around his manhood, bobbing my head up and down… It was hard to stifle our moans, but what wasn’t hard at this point? Oooohwaaaah! I climaxed! I let out a yelp… And this was his signal to enter me with his royal enormity! Delicious deep thrusts were followed by a manly howl when he came…

Well, I am sure some of the other visitors to the park heard us, but that just added to the excitement really… Hmmm I love a wild picnic! Can you get any closer to nature really?

With Pleasure, Ms. P.

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