For starters...

A good 'ol favorite on the aphrodisiac-front are oysters of course!

You want them to be fresh and fleshy, and do know how to wield that oyster-knife pretty please...
(Don't forget to don that oyster glove when prising them open)
Squirt some fresh lemon over them, add a few fiery droplets of tabasco over these sexy sea-dwellers and arrange them to your liking on a plate.
Now open up wide, close your eyes and let them slide onto your tongue...
Feel and taste the love!

Now it's time for a love-amping salad!

Figs & Honey will be the starring aphrodisiacs in this course.
I bet you know how to toss a salad, but just in case you want an extra clue to make this sexy salad, proceed as followed -according to Jamie Oliver himself-:

Have 4 ripe figs at the ready, 4 slices quality Parma ham or prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella cheese, 1 bunch of fresh green or purple basil, extra virgin olive oil, 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of runny honey...

Slice the figs in four parts to half-way down the figs, leaving the 4 parts stuck at its base, then just pinch their bottoms a bit, so the parts will spread more and thus revealing their lush insides.
This allows the juicy dressing to get right in the middle of the figs.
Wind 1 slice of Parma ham or prosciutto around each fig, add in ample slices of buffalo mozzarella and rip over some green or purple basil. 
Mix 6 tablespoons of oil, juice half a lemon, drip the honey, add some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper together in a bowl.
Then drizzle the dressing generously over this yummy, sexy salad.


A little strawberry knowledge and why it's also considered being an aphrodisiac:
Strawberries are thought of as being an eatable valentine. For one thing, if you slice them (the right way) they look like love hearts!
But next to this, in ancient Rome, strawberries were a symbol of Venus and in France, there was a tradition of serving newly married couples cold strawberry soup to increase sexual desire during their honeymoon.

No wonder that, in addition of another sumptuous aphrodisiac, the strawberry has become a staple favorite in the love-scene...
Of course, we're talking about strawberries dipped and dripping in (dark) chocolate!

Get your chocolate, melt it (au bain-marie), dip the plumpest, juiciest, lushest blushing strawberries in it and then it's time for you lovers to sink your teeth in these!

Here is hoping that strawberry -red juice will dribble down your chin beckoning your lover to lick these spillages up with gusto! 

Hmmm, I think this dinner will be a prelude to the erotic shenanigans you'll get up to afterward...


Afbeeldingen: van Jamie Olivers' site en Pinterest

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