~ What's to want?~

Erotic clothing comes in such a great variety of different items; from harness to sexy vinyl catsuit.
from stunning (open) bodies to strappy lingerie-like dresses…
Beautifull transparent lace items, or erotically glossy…everything has that greedy 'want-WANT'-charisma!
But how seductively beautiful & chic can erotic clothing be?
Super seductive. At least, that goes for the erotic clothing you find at Pleasurements

Pleasurements only sell the most attractive erotic lingerie and clothing.
And everything Pleasurements has in its collection is always super luxurious, chic, high-end & exclusive.
So, that means also luxury erotic clothing?
Yes, with exactly that ingenious, sustainable, intensely lush, irresistible, ravenous, lusty yearning factor…

~ Erotic clothing as outerwear ~

Yes, we just love it so deliciously much; We love multi-functionality and that kind of versatility certainly also applies in our luxury lingerie world.
You can wear a lot of erotic clothing immensely & delightfully divine as luxury outerwear, to rock a sexy, erotic look.
If you desire to dress a little more elegant and modestly, but still want to radiate a touch of your sexiness, then you could, for example, wear that dream of a black, fully transparent dress over a tight (strapless) dress.
Or how about wearing a harness over your (perhaps) same-colored clothing?
Give it a try!

With lots of erotic clothing from the likes of Patrice Catanzaro, Bordelle, Maison Close, Murmur, the Model Traitor, Fraulein Kink, Amoralle, Bracli , and others, you can dress to your hearts' content…inside the boudoir, but certainly also beyond…

~ * ~

Images: Pleasurements

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