Fetish wear comes in all sorts of qualities, shapes & designs…
But if you're looking for the more exclusive and luxurious kind of Fetish Wear, then Pleasurements is here to help you!
High-end, beautiful vinyl, lacquer, leather, faux-leather, spikey, strappy, collars, cuffs and bondage type kinky and erotic clubwear is what we offer.
Is it Fetish Wear you really want to be seen in, also outside the boudoir?
Lots of the items can be worn just on its own, for a sexy, ultra-kinky vibe, or are (s)excellent to combine with your outerwear…


Patrice Catanzaro is one of the greats when it comes down to Fetish Wear.
His lacquer Wetlook & vinyl catsuits are always a sleek, sexy & ultra-kinky good idea!
If you're into Kinky Wear, you'll probably at least have or desire one of his items for sure…
Then we've got very exclusive Fetish Wear-brands like MurMur, Maison Close, Bordelle, the Model Traitor (for stunning Fetishy accessories) & Fräulein Kink;
Seriously sexy, genuinely kinky, with lots of leather and fitting embellishments, whether it's bold with a feminine touch, or just a nudge more edgy for a more 'noir' fetish touch…

There really is something for everyone among our Fetish Wear at Pleasurements.
Turn up the chic kink, ladies!


Images: Pleasurements

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