And then there was…Maison Close with a new collection!
And it was love at first sight, love for this super-powerful, beautiful Chambre Noir line…
A leather look that empowers you, frames your body in the most stunning, spotlight-dominating, bold but exquisitely feminine way.

Surrender to the leather-look bralette, succumb to the fabulous skirt with sexy zipper, give in to the waspie
…But dominate and reign the boudoir, festooned in Maison Close's Chambre Noir collection, like a ruthlessly fierce femme fatale.

By the way, Maison Close's - Chambre Noir collection is not just a collection that you only wear behind the closed doors of your bedroom!
Most of this exclusive leather-look lingerie collection is also audaciously beautiful and lush to wear as outerwear for a delectable provocative look.

Wherever you are, you will be absolutely bedazzling with shiny sleekness in this irresistible sexy leather look…

The Chambre Noir collection from Maison Close is now available at Pleasurements, so hurry and scurry on over here!

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