Well, you won't feel blue in the new blue Athene collection by Coco de Mer!
'Au contraire'…as a matter of fact, this erotic lingerie line, this midnight blue lingerie will have you feeling like the sexy, undeniably sensual, divine goddess you are…

A sublime balconette bra, lushly revealing open bra, a lavish robe, lacefull cuffs, tantalizing ouvert brief, and a delightful little thong all delectably bundled together under the name Athene
Beautiful blue flowery French Leavers lace and silk will embellish your beautiful body exquisitely.
And with its sumptuous blue hue, with the elegance of eyelash lace at just the right places, Athene's sublimely luxurious erotic lingerie design, will frame your luscious shape immaculately.

Just have a look at the gloriously gorgeous and versatile Athene suspender top, with its luring plunging neckline!
This isn't just a piece to hide behind layers of clothes, or just in the bedroom…this is a 'pièce de resistance' to celebrate and show off!
Yep, it defo fits in perfectly with the über trendy sensual, but classy, erotic-lingerie-as-outerwear-look.

With this ravishing suspender top, you'll be ready for a swanky night on the town in a jiffy, no separate suspenders or suspender-belt needed on this occasion…
Maybe just throw a chic blazer over it, have the suspender top beautifully on display from under there?
Add the Athene ouvert brief in the same midnight blue or the thong, a pair of stockings and a seductive pencil skirt and you'll look absolutely fabulous, luxurious, with sexy sassy class.

With Athene, with this whole luxury lingerie collection by Coco de Mer, there is utter bedazzlement in every stitch…

And in all its glorious glory, it's now available at yours truly, Pleasurements!


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