…It's that time of the year again…
Wot, you mean Christmas & New Year, THÉ Holidays?
No, No, but yes okay, also thát of course!
Christmas is over & that usually indicates another very merry time, a time to be jolly and celebrate you & your body with your favorite…
Beautiful lingerie?
Erotic lingerie?
Designer lingerie?
Sexy lingerie?
Lace lingerie?
See-through lingerie?
Romantic lingerie?
Luxury lingerie?
Exclusive lingerie?

…in short; Your favorite delicious lingerie!

~Delectable, Beautiful Lingerie Sale~

…What it comes down to is, that the ultra-beautiful lingerie Sale has started at Pleasurements!
This is definitely a very merry time and indeed a time to be jolly, cause you're shopping your erotic lingerie with excellent discounts.
You're shopping your favorite designer lingerie for stunning prices!
Come and celebrate you, celebrate your body, douse yourself in these absolutely fabulous luxury lingerie items and why not go for 2 or 3?

~So, what do we have for you in our Beautiful Lingerie Sale?~

…We've got erotic lingerie by Bordelle, whether you're looking for that lush bondage lingerie piece or that beautifully embroidered bra. Gorgeous luxury lingerie must-haves by Maison Close. Exclusive lingerie masterpieces by Bracli, Loveday London, Studio PIA & Adina Reay. Silk and lace nightwear by Marjolaine. Erotic lingerie-delectables by Coco de Mer and many more delicious goodies by only the best, luxury, designer lingerie brands…

It's that merry time again babes, so get your shopping-frenzy-hat on gals!
Cause it's SALE at Pleasurements…

With lots of love & lots of beautiful lingerie,


Images: Pleasurements

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