~ What do we mean by Strappy lingerie? ~

bands, straps, elongated strips of gorgeous materials, an enchanting interplay of lines…
It's beautiful, it's versatile, chic patterns and such, it's lingerie or lingerie inspired outerwear…which we also love to call Strappy lingerie.
Strappy lingerie? Yes!
A ravishingly beautiful lingerie-statement, lines that you want to show off.

And what kind of lingerie is defined by strappy lingerie?
A playsuit can be included under the term for example, or a harness made out of (elastic) beautiful straps and many more of those desirable bondage lingerie -items.
And the more bands it has, the more stripes, the happier, strappier it is...

~ Why is strappy lingerie often versatile? ~

Well, uhm, you don't have to show a harness or the beautiful sexy play of lines of that one longline bra exclusively behind the doors of the boudoir.
These strappy lingerie items are often magnificently and über sexy worn over or under a transparent tight dress, top, or under a backless piece… something with a deep back plunge, to highlight those pretty lush stripy details…
Also, have a look at that cool harness by Fraülein Kink; Leather lingerie armor that you can also stunningly wear over a top (or dress), for a bold bit of sexiness, with still plenty of class.
Okay, that might be more of a lingerie accessory, but it's absolutely strappy goodness!

And another example; Much of the bondage lingerie by Bordelle also has a strikingly beautiful back with blissful lush details such as 24 K gold zippers, clips and rings.
You really want to show something like that off, for example under a top that shows a lot of back.

~ Where can you get strappy lingerie? ~

Very short and sweet but wonderfully powerful; Pleasurements.
At Pleasurements we're totally crazy about it!

~ * ~

Images: Pleasurements

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