Pleasurements is een levensstijl. Een lifestyle vol luxe, spanning en genot. Prikkel je fantasie en laat je vooral inspireren. Ontdek de gaafste hotspots, van culinaire restaurants, gezellige cocktailbars tot de spannendste erotische feesten. Raak verslaafd aan onze Literotica, intieme verhalen en romantische gedichten boordevol erotiek. Of word op slag verliefd op de mooiste producten.

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  • Still in Yogapants? Still in your old garb, trying to ride out this Corona madness? Is it putting a smile on your face? It really is time to Dress up galls! Put on something sexy, even if it is just for yourselves... And Of course Pleasurements has got the finest multitude of erotic lingerie and sexy stuff, but also the most stunning, luxurious ready-to-wear items to promote Dressing up to a sublime T. Love yourself!

  • Yeah, we know; Staying home as much as we need to right now can have an impact on the way we dress and find that we dress down a lot more... You might look down now and see those yoga pants, slippers and possibly that comfy oversized top. But why? Doesn't it just feel awesomely good to keep dressing yourself up? And because you're self-isolating, you can wear all those lush things you might not necessarily wear outside or to the office... What about that all-new vegan leather lingerie collection by DSTM you just caught a glimpse of in the Pleasurements webshop? That is just something that could make you feel happily sexy, prancing about the house! Maybe you wear it under a stunning gown, see-through dress, or that DSTM Lota dress with all that yummy fringe-ness. Dress up mès chéries! Don't dress down...

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    De Pleasurements boutique is weer open! Het is een genoegen je weer te mogen verwelkomen in de 'House of Pleasurements'. Kom gezellig langs of boek een privé afspraak.

    With pleasure, Rebecca & de ladies van Pleasurements


    DSTM oftewel "Don't Shoot The Messenger"; Een pracht van een sexy lingerie merk! En nu ook bij Pleasurements te vinden... Wat is er zo gaaf aan DSTM, wat is er zo gaaf aan dit sexy lingerie merk? Het is anders, het is classy, het is stoer, en zo ook hun erotische kleding. Geef meer schwung aan je boudoir met "Don't Shoot The Messenger", maar ook absoluut daarbuiten, want hun kunstwerken zijn ook vaak perfect als sexy outerwear te dragen of te combineren met je buitenkleding...

  • DSTM or in full "Don't Shoot The Messenger"; A ravishingly sexy lingerie brand! And now also available at Pleasurements... So, what's so awesome about DSTM, what's so strikingly stunning about this sexy lingerie brand? It's different, it's classy, it's bold, and that also counts for their erotic clothing. Bring more swing to your boudoir with "Don't Shoot The Messenger", but absolutely also beyond, 'cause their showpieces are often also perfect to combine with your outerwear...