Pleasurements is een levensstijl. Een lifestyle vol luxe, spanning en genot. Prikkel je fantasie en laat je vooral inspireren. Ontdek de gaafste hotspots, van culinaire restaurants, gezellige cocktailbars tot de spannendste erotische feesten. Raak verslaafd aan onze Literotica, intieme verhalen en romantische gedichten boordevol erotiek. Of word op slag verliefd op de mooiste producten.

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  • Yep, here we go, we're being confronted with a second wave of Covid 19... Across the world, places are having a partial or are even heading for a full Lockdown. But, that also means that this fall we're cozy-ing up mostly indoors and hopefully find more than plenty of time for snuggling with our partner. Get the (naughty) games out and let's play...

  • How things can change overnight, right? While the outside world is trying to eliminate the Coronavirus, lots of us are mostly stuck indoors for the time being. If you're self-quarantining with your lover, then hopefully you'll find plenty of things to do together... Need some motivation perhaps? Pleasurements can conjure up some great ideas!