Getting Married? It's the swell, sizzling, sunny season ... The season of love! The season to kiss. Flirting & wild, naughty nights, falling in love, 'I love yous' ... ... engagement & marriage ...

Wedding Dress? You might be looking for a design that is a little different, contemporary, something with more sexy goodness & goddesslike spice, with luscious luxury and a bit of edge.

One Day! One Day, is an Australian beaut when it comes to wedding dresses. Mighty beautiful, classy, sassy and sexy wedding dress-designs ... It will not be easy to choose, your heart will be pounding, but then there is the liberating climax. ... And One Day, on a beautiful and sultry day it's there ... You are thé dream bride!

Wedding night The intimate blessing... You enter the powderroom to transform yourself into an irresistible, phenomenal pheromone ... Pupils dilate when you enter the room in your revealing, erotic bridal lingerie!

Time to really tie the knot...

~*~ Images by  : One Day & Pleasurements

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